The Best of South Florida - Arts


South Florida Gated Communities have the luxury of being located close to an abundancy of art galleries.  These art galleries offer classic, modern and contemporary art collections in an array of venue sizes.  Most of the gated communities, country club communities and golf course communities are located within easy access to these galleries.




South Florida has numerous museums within that part of the state.  You are never too far from classic, new and contemporary museums.  Culture goes hand in hand with the Gated Community lifestyle.  Surrounded by strategically positioned and  well funded art museums, South Florida gated communities offer quite an advantage to other parts of the country with regards to being located in such a culture rich atmosphere.



  On Stage

South Florida On Stage performances are like no other. You can take in an evening at the ballet or visit many of the most outstanding community theatres in all of Florida.  South Florida gated communities have a significant advantage by being located close to such original talent throughout the South Florida region.  Along with ballet, opera and theatre, symphonies, orchestras and musicals are also part of the cultural landscape surrounding the South Florida private communities.




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